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CCP aims to make citizens better aware about Climate Change and proactively make cities like Pune Carbon Neutral at the earliest. #ClimateAction

It is never too late to get started on the right path

-By Prof Amitav Mallik

“The theme for Earth Day 2021 is very aptly chosen as “Restoring the Earth” and there is increasing realization that if we continue to exploit the Earth eco-system and continue to burn fossil fuels for economic progress, there is no escape for the next generations because there is no planet B.”

Earth Day Network Logo
Earth Day Network Logo
Earth Day Logo Green Earth appeal

Earth Day was first celebrated on 22 April 1970, soon after the release of the picture of the blue-planet Earth from space by the Apollo-8 spacecraft orbiting the Earth in 1968. It was…

Hello All,

We are starting a free quarterly e-magazine — ECO FUSION- to share more ecological, environmental and economic knowledge and actions happening near us and around the world. Check this page for all the magazine issues or contact to subscribe.


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4 Ather 450x — 4 Riders — 1 Fast Charger — 60km

By Siddharth Bhagwat

The Ather 450x at Dive Ghat. Photo: Siddharth Bhagwat

In this blog I’m going to share a really memorable experience of riding the all-electric Ather 450x, with 3 other Ather owners; going on a weekend ride to the beautiful and fun to tour outskirts of Pune.

Pune has a lot of amazing places to visit within an hour’s drive. Whether it’s Khadakwasla, Panshet, or Sinhgad Fort down south, Mulshi or Pavna lake to the east, Bhimashankar in the north, or even Lonavala & Khandala, it will surely offer you some of the best riding experiences. So, fellow Ather owners; Amit, Mayuresh, Karan, and I decided to…

10 enviro-economic problems and solutions of our times

By Rasika Nachankar

If we continue with this current rate of consumption it will result in depletion of resources, environmental degradation and it will also hamper economic growth. So, now the question is — How should we deal with it? What is the way out?

Is there any relationship between environment and economy? Yes, absolutely! Our economic activities hugely depend on the environment for raw materials like minerals, food, wood, cotton etc. The environment also acts as a sink for pollution, emissions and wastes, such as carbon dioxide, which originates from human activities. But, the fact is that the…

Exploring Green ways to navigate the Climate Crisis

By Aditi Kale

We are facing a new paradigm where every environmental action taken and not taken today will have immediate as well as far-reaching consequences on our progress, health and safety. Thus there is an imperative for making systemic changes so that environmental actions become wide-spread, profitable and acceptable.

The last session of the PIC conference on Energy, Environment and Economic Growth (Jan’ 21) focused on discussing the pathway and solutions to achieve an Integrated Environmental-Economic Policy. That is, identifying the important actions needed for simultaneously meeting India’s triple challenge of ensuring economic, social and environmental well-being.


By Prithviraj Lingayat

Energy is the most important commodity of our world today. Energy fuels our economic system and over time we have incorporated the use of energy in almost all walks of our life. Just think about all the things you use which need energy, Phones, Cars, bikes, Televisions, laptops, washing machines… seriously, will this list even end?

We recently concluded the National Conference on ‘Energy, Environment & Economic Growth: Emerging Challenges’ and it was a big success! It brought about a knowledge exchange between economists, ecologists and industry experts. The ideas discussed in the conference were of…

Directing Human activities in a way that Nature can thrive

By Aditi Kale

The Covid-19 Lock-downs exposed humans to less familiar but melodious sounds too — those of the biodiversity like birds, animals, and insects around us. Cities near mountains saw picturesque back-drops and even snow-clad mountains. And some cities at least saw the horizon due to less pollution. The lesson is common — Nature will revive if we let it!

The reason for the lock-down was a really sad and enormous setback for humanity. A marine ecologist at an American University was stressed as he had to abandon his study, on the effects of tourism and fishing on…

Are we really ready?

By Rasika Nachankar

Our Earth and Humanity are facing a far bigger vulnerability than COVID-19 because of changing climate. But, are we really aware about it? Are we really building resilience to tackle this vulnerability i.e. Climate Change? This blog aims to explain climate vulnerability and the importance of climate resilience.

Don’t we fix the vulnerabilities or weaknesses of our life which we know will hurt us in the future? Yes. Of course! For example, in this COVID-19 pandemic, we went for the lockdown option even after knowing the fact that it is going to hamper our economy. Why…

By Aditi Kale

We are not facing a choice between Growth and Sustainability but between unsustainable growth and survival. Hence, sustainability for survival is a very easy choice to make. The two questions that remain are — How we can achieve sustainability and Whether we will achieve it. The answer to the first question is a YES, given the existing research and technology findings. The answer to the second question, also from existing research and technology findings, is a NO. This blog explores the intricacies of these questions and tries to answer them.

Words like Sustainability, Economic Growth, Green…

The unseen Price tag

By Prithviraj Lingayat

SALE, OFFER, BUY, 100% CASHBACK, HURRY, REWARDS, PREMIUM, LIMITED, FREE, EXCLUSIVE and ENDS FAST. Do these words look familiar to you? So, do they always appear on your mobile apps, social media accounts, newspapers, TV, billboards, etc.? If yes, then welcome to the club of consumers, a worldwide group with billions of members, all targets of multi-national companies, who are trying to convince you that your ultimate happiness only lies in buying, accumulating things which you don’t need (with money you don’t have).

Source: Book cover- Hyper-Inflation

We are Consumers, we’re the by-products of a lifestyle obsession — Tyler Durden…

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